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Does this sound familiar?

You are passionate about the Great Commission and want your church to make disciples. You may have a discipleship program and maybe even curriculum your ministry is following, but your church is still struggling to make disciples. Leaders and volunteers are hard to come by, and at this point, you're just fighting decline. You need a better plan because what you're doing isn't sustainable.

Can you relate? 

I remember feeling that pull towards pursuing the Great Commission, but having no clue what exactly I needed to do to make disciples who would turn around and make more disciples.

I felt like a truck stuck in the mud, the faster I spun my wheels the deeper we sank… never getting anywhere!

My friend, you can’t keep spinning your wheels without a plan or a strategy to accomplish Jesus' mission.


If you and I were having coffee and you asked for my advice … here’s what I’d recommend:

Learn a strategy that shows you exactly what steps you need to take to grow your church, and learn from someone who has been there, in the trenches, and has had major success in accomplishing what you're wanting to accomplish.


Looking back, I realize that when I first started this process, I needed a mentor.

A guide. A model.

Someone to just show me exactly what to do, step-by-step, to pursue the mission with a solid strategy.

This is where I can help you!  

The free training where I’m giving you an overview framework {to show you exactly how I grew my church} is happening SOON, and you can register at the top of this page.

It’s time for you to finally learn exactly how to get your disciples to multiply without the constant worry of declining attendance.


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